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The Best Way to Convert Audio to Video Online

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Video content is the present and the future. Though text works well, you may want to venture into video content to promote your brand and reach more people. If you’ve been a blogger, have recorded audio or hosted podcasts, you can now use your existing content and convert audio to video online in just a few clicks with Voice2v.

Voice2V is the easiest audio to video conversion tool. With Voice2V, you can create many videos very quickly for your social media posts, and for business promotion.

You can also convert your text to video and then add music to your videos using Voice2V’s online platform. It offers many video editing features that can eliminate the need for a desktop-based video editor if you’re creating promotional videos for yourself or your brand.

The platform is very user-friendly and can be accessed by beginners easily.

How to Use the Voice2V Audio to Video Converter?

With Voice2V, it is really simple to convert audio to video online! Even if you’ve never created a video before, follow the steps below, and you can have your video ready in less than a few seconds:

  • Visit, which is the online audio to video converter tool.
  • Upload your audio file by clicking on the “Upload Your Audio File” button, or drag-and-drop your audio files.
  • Next, upload an image background. You can also choose from the hundreds of free video backgrounds available.
  • Add optional text and the time frame where you’d like to show it.
  • Upload your company logo and select the location of the logo from the options.
  • Once you’re done, click on “Create the video now” to add audio to video.

You should now be able to view the video online. And that’s it! Your converted video is now ready to download. To save it to your PC, click on the “Download video” button.

Tips to Convert Audio to Video

So you are excited to create your first video! You want to know how to add music to video and publish some binge-worthy videos for your viewers. These tips will help you create interesting video content for your audience.

  • Use audio that tells a story and creates an emotional connection.
  • People love stories! When you convert audio to video online, you need to tell a power-packed story that people want to listen to. It doesn’t have to be in a spec. It can be a brand story, an audio recording from a speech, or even your favorite music.
  • Find interesting background images or video footage.
  • Make your video captivating so that when people listen to the incredible story you are telling through the audio, the video shows beautiful imagery and graphics that hook the viewer. You can also choose to create your footage by clipping together multiple images, videos, or even text using Voice2V’s features!
  • Brand your video with your logo.
  • If you’re creating videos for your brand, you absolutely must brand every video. As the logo sticks for the video’s entire duration, your audience will see and remember the logo. But if you’re creating videos for your work, the logo placement will act as a watermark to showcase your work.
  • Add text to grab attention.
  • People are automatically drawn to subtitles, and that’s why text at the bottom of the screen is a perfect place for you to convey a message for your audience to take away.

Where can You Use Your Videos?

You have your video ready, and you want to share it with everyone! But where do you start? Here are all the social media platforms that can work great:

  • Youtube – This is the best place to begin sharing your videos online. Youtube puts the people who regularly publish videos into its algorithm. And since Voice2V can help you easily convert audio to video online, you can post several videos in very little time!
  • Facebook – For entertainment or consumer-focused videos, Facebook works great. Find groups that are relevant to your video content, and share it in those groups. You can also try and connect with the group admins and ask them to pin your posts.
  • Twitter – Video stands out on Twitter because everyone else is posting text and images. You can share your videos on Twitter by tagging those who may find the video interesting and initiate a conversation.
  • Linkedin – For business, work, entrepreneurship, and other professional content, Linkedin is unparalleled. You can convert audio to video online, share these videos on your profile, pin them for your connections to view, participate in Linkedin groups, or even personally approach anyone you believe may find the videos interesting.
  • Instagram – Instagram loves videos, and if a video gets good initial traction, you may end up on many people’s feeds. Since this is currently “the social media” that everyone is using, you can start publishing lots of videos to gain traction to your social profiles.

How can You Become a Pro at Image to Video Conversion?

Start creating a lot of videos! Your first few may only turn out okay. But with Voice2V’s free video templates library and easy to use interface, you can quickly get used to creating eye-catching videos from your audio files.

Here are some ideas that you should consider to become a pro at using Voice2V’s audio to video converter:

  • Upload the highest-quality mp3 files to Voice2V, mp3 to video converter.
  • Find stock footage that goes best with your videos. Spending much more time finding great stock footage can give you much better results than using a free image.
  • Tell stories that your audience wants to listen to. Find what they talk about on social media or forums, and create videos around topics that they want someone with authority to speak about
  • Make the purpose of your video clear right from the beginning. When someone is listening to your video, the first 3-5 seconds will either grab the user’s attention or make them leave. So pack all the power in the first few seconds.
  • Write titles that get people curious to know more.
  • Add a catchy and click-worthy CTA. Free or discounted offers work great!

And finally, have fun using the Voice2V to convert audio to video online!

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