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How to Choose SEO Agency to Buy Backlinks

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When it comes to gaining traction on the internet, there is a myriad of ways that can be employed. In SEO, people utilize every bit of opportunity to refine, improve, and upscale their standings. Ranging from simple but effective work with content, keywords, trends, commonly referred to as on-page SEO, to more in-depth off-page research, tweaks, and link building.

Backlinks accommodate itself in the off-page pantheon. And to better understand what backlinks are, we need to look at what makes a particular website popular and how simple referrals from other platforms can make a gargantuan difference.

Determining a Website’s Popularity

The popularity of a website is manifold. No skeleton key opens every door to SEO omniscience. However, there are many trusted, reliable, and extensively used methods that battle-scarred SEO connoisseurs frequently use to reach out to the broader audience. Among them are: 

  • Content development and trend tracking
  • Guest Posting
  • Targeting 
  • Paid advertising (Google AdWord, Facebook ads, and a whole lot more)
  • Referral Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Link Building

And it is not even close to being an exhaustive list. The beauty of doing business on the internet is how rich and diverse your options are. And the relative ease of getting yourself connected to the vast openness of the Wide Web is also astounding.

One of the biggest impactors and denominators of success in gaining traffic is, without a doubt, a sagacious link building or backlink strategy. Before delving into the nitty-gritty stuff, let’s take a short tour of what backlinks are.

What are Backlinks and Their Impact on Traffic

In its simplest terms, backlinks are links that intertwine two websites. One of the platforms links or refers to the other either as source material, supplemental data, or paid placement. Google is very articulate in stressing the purity and legitimacy of backlinks. Therefore, through its complex and intricate algorithm schemes, Google identifies the helpfulness of a particular link, its worth, relevance, and validity in a number of ways. 

What Makes a Good Backlink

Another peculiarity is how not every website’s referral or backlinking is equally contributing. Every website has a covert (although it can tacitly be looked at with external programs) rating, which essentially determines how valuable this particular link is. There is a cornucopia of factors that go into it, and to impart it in its entirety would call for a separate article. For better understanding, just remember that a website like Washington Post will have a far better “link quality” than a shady, sham-like website that is infamous for its past or present illegitimate activities.

You might be tempted to ask how exactly we know that backlinks are powerful means of traffic gain? I can say something along the lines: “It is so because the internet operates almost wholly on the link-based level. And to avoid link sharing means not using the internet at all.” Now, this might be a valid point at some level; however, it does not hold itself that well without any kind of validation.

Fortunately, through the not so stale 2016 of an interview with a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, we know that link building or backlinks constitute one of the three major heads of internet fame. “I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.”

Now that we know what backlinks are and their importance in the whole grand scheme, we can more expertly view how to use them to our advantage correctly. However, the first forewarning that needs to be said is the divide between two types of backlinks on the internet: White Hat and Black Hat links. 

White Hat and Black Hat Links

White Hat links are organically and rule-abiding embedded links, with the purpose of complementing the content given or referring to a source article, data, or chart. White Hat links are also links from reputable websites with net positive Domain Rating.

 “Now we know: Here are Google’s top 3 search ranking factors.” 24 Mar. 2016,

On the other hand, Black Hat links are, in most cases, illicitly created and artificially manipulated links that come from either forged links farms or sketchy, unreputable web pages. They are undoubtedly worth hopping over and omitting altogether since they can undermine every effort you made thus far.


Getting Backlinks From Trusted Sources

To fully grasp the impact backlinks have on the overall traffic gain, we need to get them from somewhere. This is the first hitch that many newly fledged entrepreneurs face. How to kick start the whole process of link building and, most importantly, where to start?

There are three potential paths that one can go about gleaning backlinks. 

The first one is obvious and proves to be quite toilsome and unwieldy. Manually seek websites that will be ready to link your website. The problem here is that most reputable website owners might not be that receptive to someone new trying to get around. Not to mention the fact that, in most cases, trying to buy links from them will brutally bludgeon your pocket.


The second option is to wander around the Social Media groups or SEO forums in search of someone from whom you could buy backlinks for SEO. Going this trek, you might save yourself some pocket change and get a deceptively lucrative swap out of it. There is, however, also a relatively high chance of getting yourself into quite an undesired lopsided deal or, in other words, get scammed. Firstly, you might not get what you thought you are paying for. Let’s say instead of a precious, pure, White Hat backlink, you get yourself a Black Hat one, which by its decree will bring ruinous consequences for your website’s reputation.

The third option is the safest bet when it comes to buying backlinks. If you search in Google “SEO link building agency” or “How to buy backlinks,” you will most certainly be greeted by the bottomless sea of available options. Now, what most such agencies offer is a quick and easy backlink boost. 

One of The Best Link Building Service on The Market

So, what’s the best place to buy backlinks?

Though the phrase buy backlinks might reverberate with a sketchy overtone, there is nothing improper about it, and Google won’t unleash its wrath on you. While we are at it, many businesses employ exactly this very tactic to gain initial momentum. 

Although it’s impossible to vouch for every website or agency that offers similar SEO services, there is always a handful of trustful and long-standing service providers with an unblemished reputation and clean record. Links Management is one of the SEO service veterans, proven to be one of the best link building agencies in the market. Unlike most of the short-lived ventures that tend to pop out here and there on the internet, Links Management boasts an extensive list of testimonials that are also backed up by decades of successful and clean business doing. 

Links Management is not only a link building company. It’s SEO service that, on top of allowing you to buy backlinks cheap, also provides you with a swath of other SEO-related tunings that will be of utmost help in your business ventures. Because the central tenets of Links Management’s client ethics being trust and fairness, you can be sure that you are buying only White Hat links


No two questions about it; starting a new enterprise is always a ridged and bumpy path that calls for a whole lot of diligence and patience. Especially with a newly built, designed website that is quite eye-candy to look at, but if there is no one visiting it – it has no value whatsoever. In this case, you might find yourself forlorn in the sea of uncertainty about how to take the first leap or kindle the very first spark of success. Getting this initial kickstart with backlinks might be the catalyst for a fiery and festive road ahead!

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