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50+ Free Ping Submission Sites List To Boost Your Ranking

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It’s very tragic to realize that most extreme of the backlinks aren’t indexed by search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing. In such a situation, ping sites can enable you to up to set up your own blog or site is simply no time. A single click is sufficient to great can start up your very own blog and URL.

In simple words, ping submission is a commendable method to get your backlinks, blogs and websites index by the web directories, aggregators, feed websites and search engines.

Ping Submission sites list is one of the methods for Faster indexing of our site pages or Url’s .we do Ping Submission in sites like Twingly, Pingler and so on., for quick indexing of our site pages.

Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites

If your blogs, websites or backlinks are not getting indexed by search engines, then ping submission sites can help you overcome such issues. Other benefits of using these Free Ping Submission Sites are:

  • Ultra-fast indexing of your URLs and backlinks by major search engines
  • Higher search engine rankings (SERPs) by indexing your incoming backlinks
  • More visibility on search engines due to higher SERPs
  • A rapid increase in organic website traffic

How to Get Your New Website Indexed?

If you have a brand new website, then you should take a few steps before using ping submission sites to get the maximum benefit. Here are the additional steps:

50+ Ping Submission Sites List With DA and PA

Now, let us move to the list of ping submissions sites 2018 where you can submit your blogs, websites, and backlinks.

SL No. Ping Sites Domain Authority Alexa Rank
1 Ping-O-matic 70 5,726
2 Twingly 68 31,696
3 Googleping 54 9,004
4 Pingler 53 14,901
5 Pingdom 87 2,369
6 Pingmyurl 52 13,612
7 Feedshark 58 40,113
8 Pingmylink 32 36,789
9 34 39,132
10 Blogbuzzer 35 106,282
11 Bulkping 37 45,306
12 Pingfarm 35 18,184
13 Icerocket 70 29,896
14 Pingoat 30 43,598
15 Pingsitemap 33 39,764
16 Mypagerank 71 27,789
17 Pingbomb 23 45,771
18 Backlinkping 25 103,651
19 Totalping 55 15,385
20 Smallseotools 57 1,974
21 Use Me 22 264,997
22 Site24x7 57 14,944
23 Kuleping 23 1,102,139
24 Freelinksubmitter 22 284,203
25 Pingthatblog 23 384,949
26 Indexkings 31 23,181
27 Domain Pinger 1 9,716,704
28 Excite Submit 44 169,578
29 Ping My Links 20 218,170
30 Ping My URLs 10 700,187
31 Ping O Matics 7 3,434,339

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I hope this updated list of Top 50+ Ping Submission Sites 2018 will help you to promote your product or service. If you have any site which you want to add to this list then you can write in the comment box below.


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