Some Interesting Benefits of Blogging for Students

Some Interesting Benefits of Blogging for Students

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If we talk about the past years, blogging was not that much famous among people. The students were not even aware of the term “blogging”. But in the current era, people over the world are using blogging to earn money online and for numerous other purposes. Various enthusiastic writers have passion to write persuading articles and blogs for people. These blogs can be about creating awareness among people regarding new products in the market or it can be about creating awareness regarding the prevailing social evils in the society. The blog can be written on any topic that may interest the writer or blogger.

Some statistics about blogging -

If you want to know how strong is the impact of blogging among people, then check out the latest statistics who love to do blogging –

  • About 60 percent of the MARKETERS says that they love to do blogging to promote their products online by writing informational as well as a promotional content for their products.
  • B2B marketers make use of blogs in social media content to boost sales for their products.
  • It has been analyzed that the ratio of bloggers will rise by 31.7 % more by the year 2020.
  • Companies that adopt blogging strategies to expand their businesses get 97 % more links to their websites.
  • Blogs are considered to be the 5th most trusted source for authentic online information.

Blogging offers a number of benefits to students and with the help of blogging the students can not only earn money but they can also share their views and perceptions about various social, economic, political issues prevailing in the world.

How blogging can help students can be evaluated in the undermentioned points –

A. Psychological benefits –

IT SHARPENS THE BRAIN OF STUDENTS – As the students describe their views and opinions on several topics, in this way blogging helps in fostering the thinking power of students.

IT HELPS IN BOOSTING CONFIDENCE OF STUDENTS – Various students have opined that blogging helps them in boosting their confidence. As the students write on the number of topics, their level of confidence increases.

BLOGGING GIVES HAPPINESS TO STUDENTS – Students feel happy when they write something of their wish. Blogging provides an opportunity for students to write about their personal views on some topics. So, blogging can serve as a public-speaking platform for students.

B. How blogging can help the students to develop professionally –

STUDENTS CAN DO FREELANCING – Nowadays, students set up their own personal blogging websites and provide freelance writing services to the people worldwide. Doing freelancing is also considered a profession. The students earn a great deal of money when they provide freelance writing services to people over the world.

STUDENTS CAN GET A BETTER JOB – The students can get a good job opportunity if they have maintained their online profiles. Employers love to hire people who have strong internet influence.

STUDENTS CAN BECOME PUBLISHED AUTHORS – The students learn how to craft different kinds of writings and by this, they come to know how to write narrative stories. They learn different patterns of writing which can help them in becoming professional writers and published authors. Also, the students can become an efficient essay writer and offers writing services to other students via Assignment help Melbourne.

WRITING CAN HELP STUDENTS TO ESTABLISH THEMSELVES AS AN EXPERT IN ANY FIELD – If the students are good in some field say they are good in management skills; they can share their ideas by writing blogs on their blog site. If one person is good at cooking, he or she can share different recipes on their website. So, blogging helps people share their talents and art too. Students can present their expertise to people by blogging.

STUDENTS LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SKILLS – Students learn computer programming skills when they have to make changes to their blog sites. By using the easiest website programming platform Word Press, students can easily make changes to the website. By making required changes to the website, the students learn how to operate and run a blogsite successfully and all this can only become possible when a student has adequate knowledge of computer programming. So, the students learn different programming skills by running a blogsite.

THE STUDENTS LEARN THE BASICS TO SEO – When students write brilliant and creative blogs and articles on their web profiles, their writings tend to generate mass web traffic as google takes notice when any article is worth generating people’s interest. The students learn concept of how to generate web traffic for their website and they get to know about the basics of SEO.

THE STUDENTS CAN SELL THEIR PRODUCTS – This is another advantage a student can take by creating their own blog site. The students can sell their products online and generate money and customers. The students can also set up a website and sell and exchange the clothes that they don’t want to wear also the students can sell the worn-out things.

THE STUDENTS CAN TALK TO THEIR IDOLS – The students can also have an opportunity to talk to their idols or the famous people that they want to meet. For Example, if the students want to take an interview with a famous politician or a celebrity or a musician, he or she can do it by blogging.

STUDENTS CAN HELP OTHER PEOPLE – Any platform where the people can share and exchange their views and ideas can become a helping platform for other people. Blogging will serve as a helping podium for the people over the world. For example, a student has set up a website in which he shares his ideas on how to remain fit and healthy and he shares some healthy recipes online. People will visit this website often and will love to make healthy recipes at home. So, the students can help people in several ways by sharing their ideas in their blogs.

So, these are some best blogging benefits that can help students in different ways. Basically, blogging is not only about writing but it is a public platform where people share their beliefs and ideologies with other people. Blogging helps information of the personal identity of a person and it has been estimated that in the upcoming era, people will rely abundantly on the idea of blogging to expand their business and to avail better professional opportunities from the different parts of the world.

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