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An In-Depth Guide to MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting

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WordPress has become the most familiar name among web users and the entire internet community. The reason is simple. As a Content Management System or CMS, WordPress has the ability to create dynamic websites and integrate various features and functions into them.

What’s more?

It is an open-source web application that is based on PHP programming. It makes WordPress even more compatible with most online applications.

As a matter of fact, around 35% of total websites all over the internet use WordPress as their CMS application. Its popularity is more than justified as it has made web designing and website building much simple for everyone. With a wide array of themes and plugins, users can design an interactive WordPress website without typing a single line of code.

However, the only issue that irks many is the time and efforts required to install WordPress and configure the settings of the hosting accordingly. It may not seem to be that big of a problem for the coding or the tech fraternity, but it is a headache for others.

Smelling the need to ease this dilemma, hosting providers have started providing hosting services that are more exclusive to the clients that are WordPress users. Aptly marketing the service under the name of WordPress hosting, the providers have received a great response from the users.

Initially, best WordPress hosting India, a product/service limited to a few providers, is now a hot-selling service. More and more providers have started offering it.


Established in 2012, MilesWeb has become a well-known hosting provider among all web creators and online businesses. Despite the fierce and cut-throat competition in the industry, MilesWeb has successfully carved out a name for itself.

It offers hosting services for users with any requirement at reasonable prices. With many services like cheap shared hosting plans, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc., MilesWeb is one of the few providers that actually offer complete hosting solutions.

Of course, they provide excellent WordPress hosting services counted as top of the best in the industry. The reason why the WordPress hosting by MilesWeb is considered the best by users is because of its many features.

Features of MilesWeb's WordPress Hosting

Free Domain

MilesWeb is among the top providers that offer a free domain with their WordPress hosting service plans. Users can check and apply for their choice of a domain after checking its availability on their domain checker and register. MilesWeb offers one free .COM domain with their one/three years Swift or Turbo plan or a free .SHOP domain for the one/three years Tyro plan. This offer is for clients that subscribe to these plans for one/three years.

The domain name will be free for the first year of the service, after which the renewal charges will be applied.

Automatic Updates

MilesWeb installs a software application with their WordPress hosting platform to check and install updates. The software will automatically update the website’s WordPress to its latest version.

Additionally, MilesWeb has employed a team of professionals well-versed in WordPress. They are vigilant and keep track of new releases and updates critical to your WordPress site. With it, you can be assured that the plugins and other on-site WordPress applications are installed on your platform to keep your website up-to-date.

SSD Storage

The hosting services of MilesWeb grant ample disk space for your site’s memory requirements. Not only that, the disk drives are the high-performance solid-state drive or SSD storage. These are some of the fastest storage technologies that give up to 200% better performance when compared to regular hard drives.

Free SSL

One of the most impressive features is a free SSL certification for your WordPress website. MilesWeb offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with their WordPress hosting services. Visitors tend to trust websites that are SSL protected as it reduces the risk of crimes online. However, SSL certifications are not easy to procure, not to mention they are expensive. Thus, a free SSL certification for your website sounds to be a pretty good deal.

Plug and Play

MilesWeb preconfigures the WordPress application to make site management much easy. With a pre-installed WordPress application complete with various certified themes and plugins, you just have to add the content for the website. It greatly reduces the efforts, where you set up and configure WordPress for your envisioned website and then fill the content.

Fast and Secure

MilesWeb has a scalable cloud architecture that gives secure and ultra-fast hosting for your WordPress sites. It can launch your website with a few clicks and within a few minutes. Additionally, inbuilt server caching, SSD hardware, PHP 7 and, HTTP/2 support help achieve fast page loading speeds for your WordPress website.

Their WordPress hosting is a managed hosting service, i.e., they oversee and maintain all the technical aspects of the hosting. MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting service allows you to focus on your website growth and other stuff while they take over the maintenance of the hosting.

No Limit on Email Accounts

With MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans, you can create and operate unlimited email accounts.

Well-placed Datacenter

MilesWeb offers a choice for the data centers from their numerous locations. Users can choose the data center for the WordPress hosting for their website. A server that is near to the target audience is always better for any website.

Budget-friendly Plans

WordPress hosting services by MilesWeb have plans designed for all user requirements. They still managed to keep the prices reasonable so that users can readily afford them. Here, is the list of features and price table for their WordPress hosting plans.

In Conclusion:

The WordPress hosting services by MilesWeb are ideal for all WordPress users. Be it online business endeavors or bloggers, MilesWeb’s hosting packages are fit for every budget and requirement a user may have for WordPress hosting. They are ideal for SMEs as these managed services save them funds and fulfill their hosting needs splendidly.

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