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How to Start a Blog in 2019 – Guide of Blogging

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A Blog is a platform where a person writes his/her views on any topic. A blog is the best way to represent your articles in front of an online audience. Nowadays, above 80% audience used the internet for searching for information, interacting on social media and studying. Through a blog, your article reaches to a huge number of the audience within less period of time. In the 21st century, billions of people follow many blogs. Through the blog, they get knowledge and the latest news on a day to day topics.

A Blog is provided by Google. It’s free of cost. Many people confused in blog and bloggers. Both terms have a different meaning. Blog means where you can write articles. It is known as a blog. And blogger means who are writing this article on the blog. Blogger is the person. It is called as a Blogger.

what is blogThere are so many bloggers in the world who are writing a blog from past 10-15 years. A blog is maintaining by a blogger. Google always use the .com extension for blogs. When you select your blog name then the .com extension will automatically include with your blog name.

Like In this blog address, Robert is the blog name which is select by you and blog name should be unique. Blog name includes letters, numbers, and hyphen (-). Blog name characters should be between minimum 1 character to maximum of 37 characters. You can create a blog through Google email id which is known as Gmail id.

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In every blog address, the .com extension is always used. But when you open your blog then the extension will change automatically as per your country code. If your blog address is and visitor open your blog in the United States then blog address automatic change to Google tracks your IP (Internet Protocol) address and change blog extension according to IP address. Com extension used in worldwide. Every country has its own domain extension like au for Australia, de for Germany, us for the United States and so on.

In Blog, there are many languages like English, French, German, and more. You can create a blog in any language without any restriction. By default, country language is set automatically. You can easily change blog language in blog settings.

During the creation of a blog, you have to select one blog theme for your blog. There are many types of colorful themes available in a blog like a picture theme, travel theme, classic themes and many more themes, which is provided by Google free of cost. You can also upload your personal theme on the blog. Latest and elegant themes are available on the internet which is paid and unpaid. Before uploading the personal theme, you should take a backup of your current theme. Sometimes your personal theme will not support your current themes gadgets. So, you should take precautions. It’s very easy to take backup of the current theme. Download current theme backup which is available on the blog. It’s very useful for your blog.

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Google blog hosting is free of cost. Hosting means a space on a server where your blog/website files save and you can access anytime, anywhere. It is also known as web hosting or website hosting. The server is like a CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is connected to a computer. It’s secure and data accessible 24*7 from the server. If you create a website then you have to buy hosting from hosting sites like cloud hosting etc. Hosting rates are high $4 per month. Without hosting you can’t run a website. Websites related to education, local business, tutorials prefer hosting where limited space provides on server and shopping websites, high traffic websites prefer dedicated hosting which means single website host on a single server and it takes full space of server which is very costly.

Hosting plays a vital role in the website. Hosting is like a home where the website will stay. If you are thinking to start a blog then I prefer Google blog. Google blog hosting is free, safe, response time is good, unlimited space, run unlimited blogs (500 blogs through one Gmail id), blog back up, up to date hosting software, free blog domain. These all features are in Google blog. If you go for another hosting then you will face many problems like a server response, server error, the server is busy and many more server errors. So, Google hosting is best as compare to other hosting for the blog.

Google blog provides 3rd party URL for your blog. It is also known as change blogger to a custom domain or custom domain name. When you create a blog then .blogspot automatically include with your blog address e.g. To remove this blogspot from URL (uniform resource locator) you have to buy a domain name from different domain seller sites like GoDaddy etc. Domain charges according to domain extension like .com extension domain are costlier than the country domain. It means .us, .au domain are cheaper than .com domain. If your target audience is worldwide then you should buy .com domain otherwise you should buy the country domain. It is easier to rank on Google through the country domain. You can buy domain minimum 1 year and maximum of 10 years. After completion of the year, you have to renew your domain and pay charges. In Google blog settings, you can easily redirect your blog URL to the new domain name. If visitor opens your blog URL then automatic blog URL redirect to your new domain name. So, Google blog is better than other blogs.

The main motive of creating a blog is to providing useful information to your target audience and providing awareness on various topics.

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