Top FREE Keyword Rank Checker Tools List 2020

Top FREE Keyword Rank Checker Tools List 2020
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In the event that you’ve invested money, time, and effort into designing your website, clearly you additionally have an SEO Optimization. That incorporates upgrading each webpage of your site for top keywords. Presently, how would you know whether you’ve done quite a few things? To discover, you have to know how your pages rank on the search engine results page (SERP). That is the place these Google keyword rankings checker tools come in.

In my previous article, I have listed the essential SEO ranking factors you need to rank #1 in 2020

These tools will help you to follow where your site positions in Google, frequently with resources highlights to perceive how your rankings change after some time.

Utilizing a good keyword ranking tool allows you to spend less time attempting to discover keywords insights and additional time analyzing these outcomes and improving your site. Finding a Google keyword tracking tool that works for you shouldn’t cut into that time either, so we’ve chosen the best options.

Ready to check your tracking keyword rankings on Google? Let’s begin …

List of Top 10 FREE Bulk Keyword Position Checker Tools 2020

  • SmallSEOTools
  • Ahrefs
  • TheHOTH
  • Site Checker
  • Moz
  • SEOReviewTools
  • Serprobot
  • AccuRanker
  • Seranking
  • Seobility

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1. SmallSEOTools


Keyword Position Checker by SmallSEOTools is a tool used to detect the position of a website or URL in the search engine (particularly, Google) for a given keyword as per competing with other websites for the same keyword.

For instance, if you run a website about smartphones, you may want to know what position that website currently holds on Google for the keyword “best smartphones.”

Our keyword rank tool shows you this information for completely FREE. The tool is not just quick and simple to use, it is also extremely reliable and effective.

2. Ahrefs


The Keyword Rank Checker tool by Ahrefs lets you see keyword rankings for any website and how well your target keywords rank for on desktop and mobile.

3. TheHOTH


The TheHoth Tool helps yours find your top traffic driving keywords. Enter your domain below to identify high volume keywords that you can easily boost to page one!

4. Site Checker

SiteChecker By LinksKorner

SiteChecker tool that shows by which keywords a specific website ranks in Google SERP and on what positions. Our checker gives not just a URL, position, and volume by keyword, but also country code, language, cost per click, and competition level in Google Adwords. Keywords data is refreshed every month.

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5. Moz


Instantly check your keyword rankings with Moz’s Rank Checker tool, complete with helpful keyword metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty.

6. SEOReviewTools

SEOReviewTools By LinksKorner

Use the Google Rank Checker by SEOReviewTools to see how well your web site is performing in search. Submit up to 10 keywords, add your domain and select your version of Google to get accurate real-time results. Save time and retrieve the rankings for your domain and your competitors for any given keyword.

7. Serprobot


SERPROBOT is a free google ranking checker you can use to find your websites google search ranking position instantly in real-time for FREE! SERP checking is probably the most important thing you can do to check the health of your site, see what the competition is up to or make plans for a new site.

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8. AccuRanker

AccuRanker by LinksKorner

AccuRanker is a powerful Google rank checker tool that retrieves rankings for pages and keywords and stores them for easy comparison.

You can check the position of your keywords live on-demand with a click on a refresh button, while we also automatically update your keyword rankings every 24 hours. So you will always have access to fresh and accurate information about where you rank in Google.

9. SeRanking

SeRanking by LinksKorner

Google Ranking Checker by SERanking that allows you to accurately check your website ranking in Google and track the changes over time.

10. Seobility

Seobility by linkskorner

Use our Seobility Keyword rank tool to check your search engine position ranking for any search term. See rankings from specific cities or regions as well as mobile or desktop rankings.


One of the keyword ranking tools above, LinksKorner is our best recommendation, but it’s important that you find one that works for you. Using our list as a guideline will make your search quick and easy, and save you time that you can spend implementing your improved SEO knowledge to increase your ranking and build on your success.

This list is still open if you wish to add your keyword ranking checker tool, then please send us your tool information so that we will review and let you know the feedback.

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