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Top Org Social Bookmarking Websites list 2019

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Creating backlinks on Org Social Bookmarking sites is the best and fastest to promote your blog or website on the internet. Most of these social sites are Web 2.0 which help boost the search engine rankings. In this article, I have shared a list of best free Org Social Bookmarking sites which will help you get a high rank for your blog on major search engines like Google.

Being listed on the social bookmarking site, can drive quality audience on your site. If your site is new and you want to do its marketing to gain quality traffic then these social bookmarking is one of the best options that you can have.

Also search engines just like Google, often shows results from the bookmarking sites and if your site is bookmarked then there are high chances that your site may show up in the search engine results.

Here are the top Org Social Bookmarking Sites list 2019 as derived from our LinksKorner which is a continually updated average of each website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank.

Top .Org Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019:-

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Sr. No. Website Name Page Rank
1. 3
2. 7
3. 7
4. 1
5. 4
6. 4
7. 4
8. 4
9. 5
10. 5
11. 5
12. 5
13. 5
14. 5
15. 6
16. 6
17. 6
18. 6
19. 4
20. 4
21. 2
22. 6
23. 4
24. 3

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22 thoughts on “Top Org Social Bookmarking Websites list 2019

  1. Thanks for sharing, i know very well the importance the importance of the Social bookmarking.
    Social bookmarking sites pass the good Link Juice for your site…….
    I added the bookmark on some of above sites, and got instance approval on Few sites.
    some sites are not working, please remove them from list……. Thanks

  2. Thanks for Sharing. I am a Blogger and i Love to write and share the information for technology……
    i always share the my published post on social bookmarking sites to reach my target audience..
    I added the bookmark on some of above sites, and got instance approval on Few sites. Please Update your List….

  3. Thanks to share the list of updated social bookmarking sites…
    Effective off page seo technique, these bookmark site will really help increase awareness of brand.
    I also share the website blog post on these social bookmarking sites that pass the good link Juice for my site..

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